Beams new bespoke pair of Clarks that are easy to take-off and put on.

2 years ago

Clarks made for the outdoors. The latest work bespoke for BEAMS from Clarks ORIGINALS is a high-tech model that lives up to this moniker.

The exclusive model the “Wallabee Boot GTX”, will be released on January 28th (Friday). It is the latest and full-length functional shoes produced by these brands that have produced numerous bespoke products together.

Wallabee Boot GTX  ¥34100

By using GORE-TEX fabric on the upper while maintaining the gentle comfort unique to Clarks, they have overcome the weaknesses of leather shoes such as waterproofing and breathability. In addition, the sole has been changed to a Vibram sole to reduce weight and improve grip.

Up until this point, it is the same as the bespoke products so far, but the unique part of this work is the stretchable fabric “Elastic” deployed on the inner. This makes it a slip-on type that can be worn without shoelaces.

All-weather shoes but now with even greater functionality. They are perfect for everyday use, but for me, it’s already an outdoor shoe. You can use it as a tent shoe that is easy to put on and take off.