Ecco’s high-tech trekking boots are customized by Nonnative. A pair of sophistication boots that you will want to wear in the city even with the high technical performance.

1 year ago

It would not be an exaggeration to say that these are the ultimate trekking boots packed with high-tech technology. It is a collaboration shoe between ECCO, a shoe and leather maker from Denmark, and Japanese fashion brand Nonnative.

The first thing to notice is the manufacturing method in which the last is molded along the curve of the sole of the foot based on ergonomics and the upper is tailored to fit the foot, then both are integrally molded without using adhesive. The curved foot-bed provides a comfortable fit, high cushioning and flexibility.

The bond between the sole and upper is strong and durable. It is lightweight because it does not use adhesive.

In addition, the PROSOMA heel cup, which is also an eye-catching design accent, is fixed so as to wrap around the heel. This eliminates heel shake and thus reduces fatigue during trekking.

The upper is equipped with GORE-TEX® and uses premium leather developed by DriTan ™ technology, which uses minimal water when tanning. Furthermore, by using a MICHELIN outsole, it demonstrates exceptional anti-slip and grip power that helps give you peace of mind even on rough roads.

These trekking shoes are packed with the latest high spec technology to help achieve maximum performance. This project marks the first occasion that Nonnative has created a bespoke version of this shoe.

The shoes are expressed with a one-tone color gradation, combining different leather and nylon materials,. The upper brings out a three-dimensional effect and a feeling of luxury by combining smooth, suede, scratch, and leather with different textures.


High spec shoes are the essence of the collaboration, with excellent functionality specialized for trekking decorated with a luxurious and sophisticated design to create an urban aesthetic that is also great for city life. They are scheduled to be released on Saturday, March 26th at vendor Nakameguro, vendor Nagoya, and COVERCHORD.