The second sure fire collaboration between Danner and Tacoma Fuji. Boldly re-imagined classic shoes with new materials and colors!

2 years ago

The popular collaboration between Danner, who is famous for their outdoor boots, and TACOMA FUJI RECORDS, a T-shirt label based in Tokyo, is back!

This is the second installment following the first collaboration in 2019, including two collaboration shoes that incorporate a story unique to Tacoma Fuji Records and based on Danner’s popular model, as well as an embroidered T-shirt designed by Jerry Ukai, who is well known to GO OUT readers. This capsule collection also includes shirts and bags from the garage brand Jindaiji Mountain Works by Jackie Boy Slim.

Danner’s classic mountain shoes in Tacoma colors.


These shoes are based on Danner’s classic model the “Danner Field”. In addition to using GORE-TEX® bootees, the insole with Ortholite® provides excellent cushioning, and the sole with Vibram® clutter lift ensures high grip and abrasion resistance, perfect for outdoor use.

For this new design, the side panel with normal nylon specifications has been changed to orange leather. Furthermore, by using suede on the inside and leather on the outside, the colors are a different gradient, even though they are the same color, making it a special specification that brings out the unique taste of both brands. In addition, the Tacoma Fuji Records and Danner logos are marked on the tongue, and the theme of the collaboration “D & D (DUSK HUNTER & DAWN PATROL)” is engraved on the heel.


This is a collaboration model based on the “TRAIL 2650 GTX”, which was originally developed with the image of a person hiking the PACIFIC CREST TRAIL, which is a total length of 2650 miles from California to Canada. Thanks to the VIBRAM460 sole, these shoes can handle various weather conditions.

For this collaboration, the unique atmosphere of long haired suede and the pop colors are eye-catching, as well as having the “D & D” logo embossed on the side. The heel strap is lined with the familiar Tacoma Fuji Records logo.


A wide range of collaboration items with other outdoor brands are also available.

D&D S/S T-SHIRTS ¥6600 

There is also a short sleeved T-shirt with the “D & D” logo, the theme of this collaboration designed by Jerry Ukai, embroidered on the chest. The brown color of the body and the orange embroidery of the logo express the image of CHOCOLATE / ORANGE.

D&D L/S T-SHIRTS ¥9350

This is also a L / S T-shirt with an illustration from Mr. Jerry Ukai, which is based on the story of this collaboration, on the chest and back. It features a one-stroke style design.

D&D CAP ¥7150

There is also a special cap by the brand “THIS IS MY CAP”’s co-produced with the cycle cap brand “Velo Spica” with the collection logo embroidered on it. It is great for both full-scale sports and daily use. It is both designed and handmade in Setagaya, Tokyo.


The lineup also includes the “Rambling Bag” by Jindaiji Mountain Works, which is sewn by Jackie Boy Slim, who is an unforgettable presence in the Japanese outdoor U.L. scene.

HOT DOG EMBROIDERY D&D BLANKET designer by Hiroshi Iguchi ¥11000

A blanket with dogs and collection logos by Mr. Iguchi, who provides graphics in various media such as music, fashion, and books is also available. As with sweatshirts, the fact that it is machine washable is a nice point.

D&D BUFF ¥3300

Buff®, is a brand founded in Spain in 1992 with headwear as their main focus. This muffler has UV protection, antibacterial and deodorant processing, and it is sure to be a great asset for any active outdoor scene.

This hot capsule collection features many special items in collaboration with brands that lead the outdoor scene, including collaboration shoes that are fashionably re-imagined with tough and high-spec outdoor shoes that are typical of Danner.

It is scheduled to be released at the following stores on Saturday, April 2, 2022, and on the release date, it will be sold in small quantities at the Danner booth at the event “OUTDOOR DAY JAPAN” held at Yoyogi Park.


■ Available stores

STUMPTOWN Shibuya store


DANNER Lucuaile store