Clarks classic footwear in a sand suede color is on sale exclusively at BEAMS.

2 years ago

The well-established UK brand “Clarks ORIGINALS”, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its classic dessert trek. A new version using Gore-Tex will be added to the lineup, and Sand colored suede will be released in advance as an exclusive color only for “BEAMS”.

Gore-Tex and a Vibram sole make it suitable to withstand the outdoors.

Desert trek GORE-TEX®︎ BEAMS EXCLUSIVE ¥33000

The signature design of the dessert trek is the trekking heel and center seam. GORE-TEX® fabric is incorporated into the upper while maintaining its characteristic looks, and it has succeeded in improving moisture permeability and waterproofing. Also, the sole has been changed to a vibram sole. This is a high-spec model that is lightweight and has excellent grip, and can be used outdoors.

Thanks to the Gore-Tex, which is strong against water and prevents stuffiness, and the Vibram sole, which has excellent grip and light, so you can wear them comfortably even in the field.

It will be released on Saturday, April 16th. It will be available at BEAMS label shops and BEAMS official online shops. This is a masterpiece with an exquisite color in a design that also has universal appeal, reservations are already accepted online, so if you want to get it make sure to check it out ASAP.