The latest collaborative work from Engineered Garments & Vans re-imagines the classic Bolt Ella with unique materials.

1 year ago

The popular brand “ENGINEERED GARMENTS” that produces various hit collaborations and the high-end line of the skateboarding world “VANS”, have collaborated to create unique a pair of unique Vans Bolt yet again. Every time these two collaborate it becomes hot news.

Changing the materials creates a mature image.

UA Era Gore VLT LX  ¥15400

Vans iconic model “Ella”, which can be said to be the original skate shoe, is constructed with three types of smooth leather, suede, and cotton canvas. By changing the switching arrangement on the left and right, they have created an impactful asymmetric design. The shoe hole with eyelets on only one side is also asymmetrical, which is a design touch that is typical of Engineered Garments.

UA Era Gore VLT LX ¥15400

Since the tongue is made of a highly elastic material, it can be worn even in slip-on form without shoelaces. Thanks to the ultra-lightweight and cushioned Ultra Cush on the insole, they are very comfortable to wear.

The elastic tongue holds your foot without the need for shoelaces, so it can be used as a slip-on.

It will be available in 4 colors, only at Engineered Garments, Nepenthes affiliated stores, and South 2 West 8. All colors will quickly become sold out, but be aware that the all black color, is limited only to Nepenthes affiliated stores.

■ENGINEERED GARMENTS tel:03-6419-1798