MoonStar’s classic sandals made bespoke to FreshService, featuring a mix of different materials in military colors.

1 year ago

MOONSTAR, which has a history of 145 years, has reconstructed the famous product line “810s” for daily use based on the know-how cultivated in making shoes for professionals. Bespoke virtuoso Fresh Service has announced a collaboration model with Moonstar based on their shared philosophy of design and function.

810s × FreshService SANDALS「ALLPE」 ¥9680

The base model for this collaboration is the “Orpa”, which roots are in nursing shoes that can adjust the position of the belt according to the shape of the foot, with materials and coloring that are typical of FreshService.

The upper strap has been changed to a durable polyester ox, and the coloring has been unified to a military-style khaki. Although it has a simple color scheme, it has a more impactful look due to the combination of different materials.

They will be available at FreshService headquarters and other FreshService stores nationwide, as well as web stores. These sandals are great value at under 10,000yen and are a perfect addition to any outdoor wardrobe.

■FreshService headquarters tel:03-5775-4755