Outdoor style sneakers from Scandinavia with high volume specialty soles.

4 years ago

EYTYS are an up and coming brand from Sweden. Their sneakers which feature a simple but unique design unique to Scandinavia have gained great popularity with its 90’s street culture aesthetic.

EYTYS new sneaker design is a combination between hiking shoes and indoor trainers.

Halo ¥50265

The design is large and bold, based around the athletic shoes ‘Last’ with a square toe and a sole that feels like you are walking on clouds.

By combining mesh, napa leather and nubuck leather to form the upper, the sneakers are 3 dimensional and lighter.

The shoe laces have a stopper attached so you can take them off and out them on easily.

The outer sole has a deep tread pattern with concave and convex grooves for high grip even on rough terrain.

This pair of shoes has a strong presence with a striking large silhouette. They should be a perfect match for heavy duty autumn styling,

EYTYS  https://eytys.com/