Introducing the Reebok InstaPump Fury, which perfectly reproduces a rare original color!

11 months ago

One of the most iconic models of the prestigious sportswear brand “Reebok” is the InstaPump Fury. Purple, which is the original color alongside the popular citron yellow, will be re-released this season. Moreover, this is completely faithful to the original 1995 model. Since it is the first complete re-release, this will attract attention from all around, not only from sneaker heads.

A faithful revival based on the 1995 prototype.


The InstaPump Fury, which first appeared in 1994, is a masterpiece that played a part in the sneaker boom of the time thanks to Reebok’s original pump technology. In particular, the 1995 Purple model, which is the only model among the four original colors that has not been released since, is known as a rare sneaker with a remarkable premium quality.

The diamond-shaped shoe tab of the late prototype is reproduced with rubber so it is less likely to put a strain on your fingers.

Since the re-release realized in 2012 is the same early model base as other colors, this is the first time that it will be revived as it was at the original time of release. Moreover, the design of the prototype, which had a short production period, has been followed to the letter, and the details such as the diamond-shaped shoe tab and the triangular reflector on the toe are particularly eye-catching.

FURYLITE 95 ¥8800

In addition, the Fury Light 95, which inherits the design from this revival, has been created as a memorial. The futuristic looks of the Semi-Slip-on are sure to catch your eye. Both are being developed for sale at Reebok’s online shop, Reebok Store Shibuya, Atmos, etc. These are sure to make a great addition to any outdoor wardrobe!