A checkered street-style limited model from Subu co-created with “NEW YOAKE POST”.

1 year ago

“SUBU” is known for being both easy to wear and also as a fashion icon. Due to its reasonable price, it quickly became a gold standard sandal for winter, including many limited and bespoke orders for popular brands and major select shops, and this season, a limited model in collaboration with former SASQUATCHfabrix designer Araki Katsuki and his media label “NEW YOAKE POST” based in Fukuoka, is now available!

【SUBU】NEW YOAKE POST / Checker ¥6820

【SUBU】NEW YOAKE POST / scarab ¥6820

Based on Subu’s classic sandals, there are two models with a checkered pattern and a street wear style, including special specifications such as scarab embroidery just like with luxury room shoes.

In addition to the brand logo on the insole, the attached shoe bag is also designed in the same way, and they can both be used separately.

Pre-order sales will start at the “Random ZOZO store” that opened on May 11th (Wednesday)! Also, on the opening day, a special 1500yen coupon will be distributed. This is a very unique limited model so we highly recommend checking it out as early as possible.