South2 West8 & Keen’s unique collaboration tong sandals with “Deer’s horn” embroidery will help you stand out!

1 year ago

Outdoor brand “SOUTH2 WEST8” based in Sapporo city in the northernmost part of Japan, called Hokkaido. They create functional and innovative clothing with the theme of fishing and is very popular with outdoor fashion fans. They collaborate with many different brands but this season it will be the first time for them to team up with “KEEN”, so we recommend you check out this collaboration!

WAIMEA H2 – Deer Horn Emb. ¥8800

The collaboration is based on the unique tong sandals the “Waimea H2” that adopted Keen’s unique toe protection. These tongs have been reborn as a fashion icon thanks to the embroidering of the symbolic South2 West8 deer horns. They are washable which is very convenient, so they are perfect for outdoor activities around rivers and the sea.

The three-dimensional embroidery that realistically reproduces the deer horn has an outstanding visual impact. The South2 West8 brand tag is also on the tongs.

(Right) The sole, which has a groove dug to make waves, has excellent grip so you can feel safe while playing outside in slippery water.