The second collaboration between Suicoke and Neighborhood. Limited sandals featuring a bold use of the brands names are now available!

6 months ago

“SUICOKE” and “NEIGHBOHOOD” have realized their second collaboration. For their first collaboration, they released sandals that were comfortable to wear, like half way between a slipper and a sneaker, and this time, it seems to be a special order model that is just as fashionable and great for active lifestyles!

SI.OG-022V2 / NR-SANDAL ¥22000

For this collaboration, sandals featuring an original jacquard tape design with a color scheme based on Suicoke’s “DEPA-V2” will be released. The CI logo is laser-engraved on the sole side, and the name tags of both brands are sewn onto the strap to signify the collaboration.

The sandals will be available in two colors, black and gray. From Saturday, June 4th, it will be on sale at NEIGHBORHOOD, NEIGHBORHOOD ONLINE STORE, and other authorized dealers nationwide. These are a great way to make your feet pop this summer!

■NEIGHBORHOOD HARAJUKU   tel:03-3401-1201