The 6th collaboration between Mountain Research and Reebok has landed. Check out the unique tongue gimmick!

1 year ago

“MOUNTAIN RESEARCH”, is a leader of the outdoor fashion scene, and “Reebok”, are a prestigious athletic wear company with a long history. The sixth collaboration between the two has been announced. It is hard not to be fascinated by the unique look that is added to the classic court shoes

Classic court shoes have been modernized.

Reebok × Mountain Research – CLUB C MID II MR(GX9046) ¥19800

The base model this time is the CLUB C, a retro tennis model from Reebok. Mr. Setsumasa Kobayashi, the producer of Mountain Research, said, “Vintage athletic shoes with no technological elements are now more lifestyle-oriented than for serious sports use.”

As with the previous collaboration, stylist Shinichi Mita was in charge of visual production.

Mr. Kobayashi himself thinks of white when he thinks of sneakers, and as a result of being conscious of the hip-hop culture of the 80s and the dress code of tennis, there was no big change made to the body itself. They only added a detachable tongue called the “bonnet”. “The motif is that of a cricket shin-pad.”

While making the most of the retro design of the base, the detachable outer shoe tongue makes it seem more glamorous.

This is a timeless design that does not need to be touched more than necessary, but has been updated in a unique way. Prior to the worldwide release on June 17th (Friday), sales will start at noon on June 10th (Friday) at the …..Research GENERAL STORE Online Store. Please note that it is not planned to be handled at brick and mortar stores.

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