Kaptain Sunshine and Teva collaborate to realize the first reproduction of their classic model with an evolved foot-bed that is now more comfortable!

10 months ago

The original sports sandals maker “Teva®” and travel style apparel brand “KAPTAIN SUNSHINE” will collaborate to release a model that was produced and sold in the 1990s that has been brushed up and revived as the first reproduction that combines functionality and style.

Refinement of an old classic in a one-tone color and nubuck leather.


The base is the 90’s model AMPHIBIAN ORIGINAL with straps on the center and ankle parts. This time, by adopting nubuck leather with the logo in the same color as the base for the foot-bed, it combines soft comfort and luxurious looks. It is available in two colors, gray and black, each with a different color strap.

The shape is simple, but the cleverly placed straps and the newly added nubuck foot-bed make them extremely comfortable to wear.

Although it has a beach-like shape, the fit is different. This is a pair that can be worn comfortably not only in town but also outdoors such as at festivals and the beach or river. They are only available at the KAPTAIN SUNSHINE official web store and limited brick and mortar stores. It’s gaining a lot of attention, so if you’re interested, it’s best to hurry up and check it out!