A custom order event for White Atelier by Converse will be held at the UNIQLO Harajuku store for a limited time!

4 weeks ago

The UNIQLO Harajuku store, which is a base for new fashion and culture, recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary. To commemorate this, a special event will be held by Converse shoes directly managed store “White atelier BY CONVERSE” at the ground floor of “StyleHint” where you can order customs footwear.

Add your own custom design on the all-white all-star!

ALL STAR COLORS R HI / OX(オールホワイト)¥7700

You can order the all-white all-star, which are only available at directly managed stores, and you can customize them by combining prints and stickers you like from the sample book available. They are available in both HI cut and OX styles, and the limited design that was popular at the pop-up held in Osaka is also available. You will also receive a pin badge with an all-star motif if you purchase a pair.

Customers will receive an All-Star pin badge with their purchase.

The event will be held from Friday, June 17th to Sunday, June 19th. It is possible to purchase a gift card for this customization service, making it a perfect gift for Father’s Day. Of course, there is no doubt that you will be very happy customizing a model for yourself too! This is a special commemorative event that we recommend everybody to check out!

■White atelier BY CONVERSE whiteatelier-by-converse.jp/