Beams have produced a limited urban color limited edition version of Italy’s Diemme’s mountain boots, previously unreleased in Japan!

11 months ago

FUTURE ARCHIVE is a new-generation led project by the influential select shop BEAMS, and DIEMME, an Italian brand born in 1991 known for its stylish mountain boots. The collaboration between the two has created a one-of-a-kind pair of mountain boots available only in Japan and for the first time.

Authentic outdoor boots that also look great wearing out on the town!

Bespoke Mountain Boots Low ¥49500 each

The base for the collaboration is a low-cut model that has not yet been released in Japan. It comes in three detailed colors with the rubber parts and sole both in black. They have the look of full-fledged mountain boots, but with a modern urban style.

Only the brown color has a retro outdoor style seaweed purple on the shoe tongue.

This is a pair of mountain boots that can be used regardless of the time or place, adding fashionability that is easy to use with a variety of styles and to the simple and sturdy Italian-made design. They are only available at the BEAMS Harajuku store. If you’re looking for outdoor shoes with a difference, you can’t miss out on these!