Check out these winter recovery sandals from the Japanese brand Rig! Perfect for camping this winter!

12 months ago

High-performance recovery sandals are worn to help recover from fatigue after climbing, trail running, or mountain climbing. While most of the brands making these sandals originate from overseas, rig FOOTWEAR is a recovery sandal brand from Japan that was created after four years of development and researching Japanese peoples feet. Rig Footwear has now produced winter recovery sandals that feature all the necessary specs and technology that the brand is known for.

Doob ¥18480

Rig Footwear’s “doob” is a unique pair of recovery sandals made specifically for the winter season. These recovery sandals have been developed for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding where boots are worn all day.

It uses a water-repellent synthetic down outer and a heat-retaining inner fabric to warm your cold feet and promote blood circulation. In addition, the shoes are completely waterproof up to 5.5cm in height from the sole to the toe and 7.5cm in height from the heel, so you can put them on and take them off without getting your feet wet even in parking lots and areas where snow is lightly piled up.

There are three colors available: black, gray, and coyote. They are easy to put on and take off, so they seem like they will be useful as camping shoes for the winter season.

They are scheduled to be released in early November 2022, and reservations are currently being accepted at the official online store.

These recovery sandals made specifically for winter will help make your camp experience more comfortable and relaxing this coming season!