Nanga and SUBU collaborate again this year to update their classic winter sandals to warmer model.

9 months ago

“SUBU”, are well known winter sandals, and “NANGA”, a renowned Japanese domestic down brand, have collaborated again this year. Fabric that is typical of Nanga has been used again, and this time the cold protection performance has been updated.

The Takibi model now made with boa fleece.

Nanga x Subu Takibi Winter Sandals ¥7700

Like last year, Nanga’s original material is used for the upper in this year’s collaboration. First of all, this uses the flame-retardant material “Takibi fabric” made of an aramid fiber blend. So even if you wear it near a bonfire, your feet will be safe and protected.

The key difference from last year’s model is that boa fleece is now used for the lining making these winter sandals even warmer and more suited to outdoor winter activities.

In addition to the above-mentioned beige, there are a total of 4 colors available as shown in the photo. As Nanga fans will notice, the same color as the “Takibi Down Jacket”, which uses the same Takibi fabric as this model, will also be available.


The same materials as used for sleeping bags made by Nanga

Nanga x Subu Aurora Winter Sandals ¥6600

Next is a model that uses Nanga’s unique waterproof and breathable material “AURORA-TEX”. This prevents the intrusion of water from the outside and prevents the deterioration of cold protection performance due to dampness. The difference from last year’s model is that the inside features an abstract camo pattern. Of course, the 4-layer insole unique to Subu is retained to ensure comfortable wear while walking.

There are 7 different color variations available. I feel like I miss the vivid red that was there last year, but the calm earthy colors makes them easier to use around town, so this updated lineup is great for both city and outdoor use.

They are on sale now at both brands online site, including the Nanga official online store. We recommend securing yourself a pair before the start of the winter camping season.