A promising new candidate for the best winter camping shoes is here form Mont-Bell’s!

4 months ago

“Mont-bell”, one of Japan’s leading outdoor brands, has released winter shoes that are perfect for winter camping and trips to the snowy mountains. They feature high-tech padding and high-performance soles, and the two models have very different tastes, so you can choose the ones that suits your outdoor style best!

Excellent warmth and grip that’s as good as it gets for tough winter roads.

Thermaland slip-on ¥11220

The Thermaland slip-on is made with EXCELOFT®, which retains its excellent heat retention even when wet. The sole has a trail gripper that has excellent grip and durability properties, so you can walk stably even on steep slopes. They are also suitable for use as room shoes because it is possible to crush the heel down and use like slippers.

Cortina boots ¥ 14850

The Cortina boots use polyester that prevents snow from adhering to the upper, and the filling uses EXCELOFT®. The waterproof and breathable material is designed to wrap around the foot, making it difficult for water to enter, keeping your feet dry in bad weather. They are also equipped with anti-ice sole ice grippers that are useful on snowy and frozen roads.

The outsole, trail gripper, and ice gripper are all technology unique to Mont-bell, so both of these models have a high degree of responsiveness when used on rough roads.

Both models are equipped with functional field soles while also being warm and comfortable to wear. Both are excellent products that reduce the stress caused by frost and morning dew, and can be said to be a must-have item if you want to enjoy the outdoors in winter comfortably.