Keen & Elnest’s “World Heritage Camo” 2nd edition. Waterproof shoes for winter inspired by the great nature of Yakushima island.

8 months ago

New collaboration shoes have been released from “ELNEST CREATIVE ACTIVITY” and “KEEN”, how have worked together successfully many times previously.

This is the second installment of the “World Heritage Duck Series”, which features Keen’s signature waterproof winter boots the “Hood Zella Waterproof” adopting a camouflage pattern inspired by Yakushima island which is a symbol of Elnest.


The theme of the textile is “FORESTRA”, a coined word combining “FOREST” and “ASTRA/ASTRO” representing the stars and heavens. The megalithic granite celestial stone of Mt. Tachudake, Yakusugi, and other flora and fauna are incorporated to express the origins of the mysterious island of Yakushima and the impact of cosmology in nature.

The base shoes use lightweight nylon for the upper and a strap is applied to hold the instep in place and make them easy to put on and take off. The heel part also uses a bungee shoelace and hook-and-loop fasteners to achieve an excellent fit and achieve maximum comfort.

Keen’s unique waterproof and breathable material “KEEN.DRY” prevents rain from entering and allows moisture to escape, and nubuck leather is placed on the toe and sides for increased durability. It corresponds not only to town use but also to outdoor fields.

The outsole is made of flexible rubber that easily adheres to the road surface. The material help reduce the common weak point of becoming slippery at low temperatures and increases the contact area and maintains grip. In addition to excellent wear resistance, the non-marking specification means that you don’t leave footprint marks.

This is a one-of-a-kind special model that combines untouched nature with functional footwear. “I want to contribute to the conservation and development of Yakushima’s nature through this collaboration model, and pass on the beauty of this place to future generations,” says designer Arata Iura.

A pair of shoes with a concept that any outdoor adventurer who loves nature will feel a connection with.