On and South2 West8 collaborate for the first time to create hybrid shoes that combine nature and the city, fusing function and design.

7 months ago

“On”, which was founded in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by impressiveness views of natural beauty, and “SOUTH2 WEST8”, from Sapporo, Japan, which develops clothing based on the theme of “mountain stream fishing” has realized their first evert collaboration however the relationship between the two dates back to 2021.

The collaboration is the result of mutual respect.

In the spring and summer of the same year, “Nepenthes New York”, a sister store of South2 West8, started carrying products from On, and in the autumn and winter, shoes from the same brand with the look of “ENGINEERED GARMENTS” also started.

Both brands have different origins but have a shared affinity. This time, On was impressed by the attitude of South2West8, including their approach to the outdoors and urban life, and so they proposed a collaboration.

Kento Miura, the director of South2 West8, said, “I felt that our direction and commonality were similar to On’s creation that transcends the barriers between the outdoors and fashion at a high level.” “I had a hunch that we could create something great together.”

True to his words, they have completed a one-of-a-kind high-performance model that adds a fashion touch that can’t be achieved by running shoes labels.


Shoes full of utility with the theme of “Travel”.

Cloudaway ¥18480

The collaboration model is based on the theme of “travel”, and is highly versatile so they can be used in a wide range of situations. The iconic textile “Skull & Target” of South2 West8 has been incorporated into the design and they can be easily put on and taken off without tying shoelaces.


Features eye catching native-style original textiles.

The pattern used expresses a native style image often seen in rugs and blankets.

“We used the Yezo deer of Hokkaido as the icon to create an sense of uniqueness that is typical of South2 West8. We also chose green, which is the image color of the brand. It was thanks to this textile that I first thought I really wanted to collaborate for the first time” says Miura.


The dark tone color scheme complements the impactful pattern.

The shoes feature ghillie-shaped lace holes and textiles with dark tones that are full of impact. The two companies developed this together over multiple efforts of trial and error.

“We adjusted the size of the pattern many times. As a result, the final shoes and the textile blended seamlessly,” says Miura. The color scheme uses subdued black tones up to the sole to complement the asymmetric color scheme of the skull and target.


Also check out the sustainable materials and outsole.

The “Cloudaway”, which can be carried compactly when the heel cup is folded, uses environmentally friendly and sustainable materials that are now being adopted by various outdoor brands. Recycled materials are used for both the upper and sole, and the mudguards are covered with man-made suede.

The outsole also features a unique wavy embossed design, representing a 3D map of the Engadine Valley in southeastern Switzerland. The attention to detail is incredibly fine and makes the final product shine.


A one-of-a-kind pair that represents the individuality of both brands.

“From every-day running to general daily use, we have created a unique piece of footwear that can be used in any situation,” says Mr Miura, looking at the excellent workmanship with a smile on their face. This is a highly compatible and unique pair of shoes that will blend into the daily life of everyone from athletes to fashionistas.


They plan to develop many collaborations in the future.

Collaboration shoes by ON and SOUTH2 WEST8 will be sold exclusively at SOUTH2 WEST8 dealers and Nepenthes ONLINE STORE from Saturday, December 3rd. Expectations are high for this unique footwear from both brands.

In addition to the collaboration with South2 West8, which transcends the boundaries of street and fashion, they also have plans for additional collaborations with the Spanish leather brand “LOEWE”, as well as sneaker stores such as “atomos” and “Bodega”, so keep an eye out for future developments.

On will continue to be the topic of many conversations in the future. They continue to send out high quality products from Switzerland to the world and grow into a dominating presence in the outdoor scene.