Kamakura Tenmaku’s portable wood-burning stove has three functions as both a bonfire stand and using secondary combustion!

9 months ago

New Tech Japan has been behind the scenes in the outdoor industry for many years, producing tents for many famous outdoor brands. Since the company launched in 2018, their original brand “Kamakura Tenmaku” produced by Newtech Japan has continued to produce high-spec outdoor gear based on the concept of “what you and your friends want”. Now, they have released a portable wood stove that can help you to enjoy a campfire to the fullest.

FIRE PIT-40 ¥101200

Kamakura Tenmaku has released a number symbolic wood-burning stoves in the past, but was unable to come up with something that suited them personally. The FIRE PIT-40 is a portable wood stove that can be used in three significant roles: as a bonfire stand, a secondary combustion box, and as a wood stove.

The first and most common use is a “bonfire stand style” where you can enjoy an open and wild bonfire. By setting a double-layered side panel with a hole for secondary combustion there, it becomes a half-closed box, creating a “bonfire box style” that lets you enjoy the benefits of secondary combustion. This second role is equipped with a secondary combustion mechanism, making it ideal for efficiently burning firewood. As an additional option, a trivet that can be used in both the bonfire stand style and bonfire box style is also available.

Furthermore, if you assemble all the units, fully close them, and attach the chimney, you can create a third function, the “wood stove style”.

The depth of the main body is about 40 cm, so you can easily put in standard 35 cm long firewood. When using the wood stove, you can also enjoy cooking by attaching a special grill to the circular opening in the top cover. The wide door is also equipped with a glass window, so you can watch the flames to create a relaxing atmosphere at your camp site.

When storing, you can put the chimney inside and carry it in a box shape. This is a wood stove that not only allows you to enjoy the fun of bonfires in a variety of ways, but also open up a number of ways to experience cooking outdoors.


Assembled size: D44 x W36 x H146cm

Stored size: D44 x W36 x H26cm

Weight: about 8.54kg

Material: Stainless steel SUS430

Heat-resistant coating: Fire Proof Nano-Ceramic