How can you use stationery from Penco outdoors? Check out the newly added phosphorescent standard clip!

2 weeks ago

The stationery brand “Penco” is characterized by having a lineup reminiscent of the good old days of America. Many people must have used this stationery brand before, and at first glance it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the outdoors. However, the story is different about the new addition to the ever-popular “Plastic Clip” series.

“Plastic clips” are popular staple items for attaching to notebooks, reference books, and textbooks. The wide opening can hold items securely, and even thick objects can be fastened without difficulty. they can be used not only for stationery, but also for holding sweets and coffee bean bags, and other daily general uses.

A new addition to this classic item lineupos is the phosphorescent type. When exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light for 30 minutes or more, it will gradually glow in the dark, so it will be very useful in outdoor scenes such as camping. If you put a bag, tent pole, or small items in between, it will become a guiding light at night or in dark places!

Plastic clip glow ¥220

The price is also affordable, so you may want to buy a few for the time being, hoping that you’ll find lots of different useful ways to use them when you actually go camping!