An antique-like wooden table from Peregrine. The top plate also fits perfectly with the Shelcon 50!

7 months ago

A wooden table featuring legs with carved decorations similar to European antique furniture is now available from “Peregrine Furniture”. It goes well with vintage styles such as lodge tents, and it can also be used as part of your interior at home.

Impala Table ¥22000

The Impala Table by Peregrine Furniture features beautifully carved legs. The legs are screwed in, and when removed the legs can be fixed with rubber bands on the backside of the top board, making it compact and easy to carry.

The size is W54.5×D45×H40.5cm. It is large enough to be used as a main table for solo camps and as a side table for duos and families.

The top plate fits perfectly with the Snow Peak shelf container 50, so it can also be used as a low table in combination with the shell container.

It’s just the right height and size to use as a coffee table, so it is also perfect to use as part of your interior at home.



Size when used: W54.5 x D45 x H40.5cm

Stored size: W54.5 x D45 x Thickness 4.5cm

Weight: about 2.5kg

Load capacity: about 15kg

Material: Tamo wood (natural oil finish for woodworking)