Introducing a trapezoidal solo tent with a chimney hole and a wood stove!

7 months ago

The camping equipment brand “PolariSign” has started pre-sale of their new item the “OwL”, a trapezoidal solo tent that can use a wood stove, on the domestic crowdfunding service GREENFUNDING.

With the desire to improve the comfort and enjoyment of solo camping, this trapezoidal solo tent “OwL” was developed to improve the livability by removing inconveniences that typically exist in current solo tents.

We wanted to make a comfortable solo tent! “The answer we arrived at was a trapezoid shape.”

Conventional camping solo tents often have drawbacks. The main reason is that the ceiling is low and the space is narrow due to the poles. You have to sit on your knees all the time, and it can be troublesome to put up a tarp even if you want to expand the space. You can fit a low chair, but you can’t fit a high back chair, or your other favorite camping gear, etc. so there are often many compensations you have to make when using solo tents.

However, for this newest solo tent, the ceiling height is 177cm. The tent is designed without poles, and the high ceiling provides plenty of space, so you can sit comfortably in high-back chairs and high cots. The main body of the tent is made of flame-retardant TC (65% polyester, 35% cotton), so it is resistant to fire, and even if you use a wood stove inside the tent during winter camping, the high ceiling prevents heat from accumulating. The water pressure resistance of the tent body is 2,000mm, so it can be used in snowy and rainy conditions.

The size when stored is about 80 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm. It weighs about 7 kg (including accessories), so it can even be loaded on a motorcycle.

The price for purchase at retail is 48,000 yen. However, if you were part of the crowdfunding project, an early discount is applied, so you can purchase it at a special price in limited quantities. You can check the details of the trapezoidal solo tent “OwL” at the project’s special site, so if you are interested, please check it out.