Easy to move your fingers! Camping gloves with “joints” that utilize space suit technology!

9 months ago

“Elmer Joy”, a new type of outdoor glove with “joints” developed by the long-established Japanese glove maker “Swany”, which has a good reputation for making winter sports gloves. Since its release in 2021, it has become popular because of the joints that make it easy to move your fingers which is useful for carrying out tasks while camping, and now a new evolved version will be released. Limited pre-sale is available through crowdfunding.

Elmer Joy ¥7150

Elmer Joy is an outdoor glove born from Swany’s glove brand “Elmer by Swany”. Elmer Vby Swany is a brand that has become popular in Europe and the United States for its sporty gloves that also match casual styles, and they are now attracting attention in Japan’s select shops almost like a reverse import as they are a Japanese brand.

Born in 2021 as a unique outdoor leather glove that features joints, Elmer Joy has evolved further based on user feedback. The addition of a flame-retardant lining makes it easier to hold hot objects, and the addition of a hang loop makes it easier to use outdoors.

Soft goat leather is used for the outer fabric. In addition, the newly added lining fabric uses para-aramid fiber, which has high flame and cut resistance. Even though the lining fabric is thicker, the joints still allow smooth finger movement, allowing you to perform finicky tasks such as tying ropes or using a knife even while wearing gloves. This evololved version was completed by making use of the same three-dimensional cutting pattern that was also adopted for extravehicular activities by astronauts.

In addition, by installing a new hang loop, it can be easily hung on a backpack or hook around a campsite. The left and right gloves are less likely to be left separately, so you can put them on and use them as soon as you need them.

In addition, 2 new colors of pink and olive have been created so the lineup has been expanded to five colors, including the existing tan, black, and red. Until March 1, 2023, it is on pre-sale at the crowdfunding site “Makuake”.