Introducing the iron lantern shade from TIFG that is compatible with many popular LED lanterns! So stylish you will want to use it in even during daytime!

2 months ago

“THE IRON FIELD GEAR”, which has a high reputation for iron processing, has released an attractive lantern shade. The market for shades is tough with models from many popular garage brands compatible with popular lantern models such as Goal Zero and ML4 but we feel this may be the emergence of a real hit here.

Light shade ¥3300

TIFG has released a new shade for small LED lanterns with a tough yet stylish appearance. It consists of 6 rugged black iron plates with a thickness of 1.6 mm, and can be used for many products by adjusting the height of the bottom section. Of course, it is compatible with popular lanterns such as the Goal Zero, ML4, and Minimalite.

The slogan is “Hang it from daytime, can’t wait for the night.” The lack of frills typical of TIFG is, on the contrary, stylish.

It can be installed by hanging it with the hook on the top of the lantern body, or by allowing it to stand on its own. It weighs only 410g but still has a sense of stability for its size.



Assembled size: about W60 x D60 x H153mm

Weight: about 410g

Material: Steel

It will be released on January 13, 2023 and can be purchased on the official brand website here. We recommend to check it out as soon as possible as TIFG has a reputation for making products that continue to be smash hits!