A stylish stainless steel version joins the “Steamer” lineup that lets you enjoy steamed dishes using a Sierra cup.

6 months ago

“CAMPOOPARTS” is a cutting-edge brand that is constantly attracting attention for its unique gear. Among the CAMPOOPARTS wide range of products, a stainless-steel version joins the “Steamer” lineup, which is popular for its impactful appearance. This has attracted a lot of attention from campers as soon as it was announced.

Steamer Stainless Steel Black ¥13800

The“Mushiera” was developed to make it easy to enjoy steamed food, which can be said to be one of the best examples of healthy cooking, at camp. The conventional model “Mushiera” is a full-fledged Chinese steamer made of cedar wood, but the new “Steamer Stainless Steel” is as the name suggests, a stylish stainless-steel steamer.

Steamer Stainless Satin ¥12980

There are two versions available as part of this lineup: satin with a matte finish and a masculine black. Both are 15cm in size, and come with a set of 2 tiers and a 480 Sierra cup.

Why don’t you try delicious steamed dishes using the stylishly reborn “Mushiera Stainless”?

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