For camping and disaster prevention, a 2-way portable generator that can be used with a cassette cylinder and gasoline!

2 months ago

Introducing a 2-way portable generator that can generate electricity by selecting the fuel you want to use, whether it is a cassette cylinder or gasoline. “Crowdfunding”, which started on December 23, 2022, has been overwhelmingly popular exceeding their initial goal by 350%.

The “KG-101C” is an inverter type generator that is easy to use according your needs. The maximum output of up to 1000W can be used anytime, anywhere and remains the same regardless of which of the two types of possible fuel, “cassette cylinder” or “gasoline”, is used.

Cassette cylinders are easy to procure at both convenience stores and supermarkets, and can be installed and removed easily without getting your hands dirty, so it is recommended when you want to use electricity immediately or for a short time. Normally, gas in a cassette cylinder cannot evaporate easily when the temperature drops below 10°, but this model is equipped with a heater and temperature sensor that helps to promote gas evaporation, so it can generate stable power even in a cold environment of -5°. With this function, even a cassette cylinder that is vulnerable to cold can be ignited in one try which is great for when you’re in cold environments.

In the case of gasoline power as the fuel source, regular gasoline for automobiles is used. It has good cost performance and can generate electricity stably, so it is ideal for outdoor use and when you don’t have access to electricity for a long time, such as during a emergencies.

Crowdfunding is available until January 31th (Tues). If you apply during this period, you can purchase it at a discounted price (97,680 yen at 40% off), so if you are interested, please check it out ASAP.

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