New items from Oregonian Camper. Long-awaited gear for pets such as carrier bags and food trays are also available!

8 months ago

Long-awaited new products are coming out one after another from the American-style camping brand “Oregonian Camper”, which is launching storage gear that fans have been waiting for a long time. A new size has been added to their popular classic, making it easier to use, as well as the introduction of camping gear for pet owners!

Popular items such as luggage room seats have been expanded in size to make them even easier to use!

Padding Cargo Sheet LONG ¥13200

A new long size has been added to the “Padding Cargo Sheet”, a sheet for using in the trunk of a car that protects the inside of the car from scratches and dirt when loading and unloading luggage. With a total length of 200 cm, it is is easy to match with a wide range of wagons and vans that are popular with campers.

It can be fixed by attaching it to the headrest of the seat using the loop.

The padding (filling) provides cushioning, and the bottom is coated with PVC, so it is resistant to getting wet. It is also recommended as a seat for pets.

Mesh Shade 300 ¥7480

A new size of the mesh fabric tarp “Mesh Shade” that can be used as a blindfold or side tarp on a car is also now available. With a width of 300cm, which is longer than the previous model, it is easier to combine with large size tarps.

You can use the eyelets and loops that come with the main unit in combination with poles and guy ropes.

The mesh allows the wind to pass through, making it comfortable even in the summer.


Don’t miss out on camping with your pets! Introducing the new Pet Gear series.

Doggie GO S ¥10450/M ¥11550

The long-awaited pet gear series is finally here from Oregonian campers. The carrier bag made of durable fabric makes it easy to carry dogs and cats. The lineup includes S size, which is perfect for small dogs and cats up to about 3 kg, and M size, which is suitable for small dogs up to about 8 kg.

The top cover can also be used as a mesh, so it can be used according to the scene. The four outer sides are equipped with pockets for small items and drinks. A removable cushion is also attached to the inner bottom, and it is also machine washable.

This is a functional and cool-looking bag that is typical of Oregonian Campers and is likely to be a great new option for campers who want to enjoy camping with their pets.

Feeder Pack ¥3520

The “Feeder Pack” is a twin food tray for dogs that can open on both sides to become a tray.

It comes with a waterproof cup, so you can fill it with water. One side can be used for food and the other side for water, and the inner tray can be removed and washed to keep it clean.

All four items introduced are scheduled to be released at the end of February. This is a must-have item for campers who want to enjoy camping with their pets!