A soft cooler that fits Post General’s blockbuster ice pack perfectly is about to go on sale.

6 months ago

Last year, “POST GENERAL” released a special ice pack that fits perfectly to canned drinks which became smash hit with many people! Now they have released a soft cooler that fits this ice pack with 6 drinks attached just right.

A cooler that fits perfectly with the popular ice pack!

Field Cooler Bag ¥4730

A reasonably sized soft cooler that isf 26 cm in length and 16 cm high. The Ice Ela Cold Ice Brick, which can hold 6 cans in close contact with each other, is sized to fit perfectly with drinks attached.

In addition to the wolf brown color shown in the photo, black is also available.

It is perfect not only for short outings, but also as an auxiliary cooler for summer camps. It is also possible to put other cooling agents in the lid part for extra usability.

By the way, as you can see in the photo, there is a also new color of the Ice Ela. If I remember correctly, this ice pack should have been in sand beige and olive color variations, but…

The Ice Ela Cold Ice Brick (Dull White) ¥2420

As a new color, dull white will be released. Sand & Olive was available previously for those who like rugged colors, but it was difficult for campers who used steel belts in pop colors to match. With the addition of white as a color made available there are now even better variations for campers to choose from!


A stick-type ice pack that makes effective use of space.

The Ice Ela Cold Ice Stick Pack 3 ¥1980

Post-General’s cooler offensive continues. This is their new slim ice pack with a length of 21.5cm. By inserting it into the gaps between ingredients and drinks, it is possible to efficiently use the space inside the cooler and keeping everything inside cool.

It is sold in a set of 3 of each color, and is excellent value for money.

It can be placed in various places inside a large cooler, and the size is also perfect so that it can easily fit in a small cooler for solo use making it very versatile.

The above cold storage items are scheduled to be released in early to mid-February this year. You can purchase them at the brand’s official online store and we recommend grabbing them before the weather starts getting hot!