We didn’t think it was possible! A warm and tough down cushion from Nanga x Tempra.

3 years ago

When sitting on a chair during the cold fall/winter camp season, you will often experience a cold draft around the hips. This unique down cushion is here to solve this problem!

NANGA × tempra「ZABUTON(OD)」 ¥13200

The company behind this creation is Tempra Cycle, a bicycle shop that specializes in fixie bikes in Setagaya that also offers other unique products.

Tempra have already collaborated with Nanga previously to release a bespoke sleeping bag. They then thought that if you could make a cushion out of the same materials as the sleeping bag it could help keep your lower body warm when sitting outside. After some careful planning the “Zabuton” was born. 

In addition to laying it on a chair when sitting down, you can also place it on your knees to keep your hands and feet warm, or even place inside your sleeping bag for extra warmth and also can be used as a pillow at night. It seems to be an equally useful product at home or even in your car.

NANGA × tempra「ZABUTON(BK)」 ¥12650

The size is approx. 60x60cm which is close to a traditional Japanese cushion and there are two types available, OD and BK. The OD utilizes a flame retardant fabric so it’s useful for when sitting close to a bonfire as it won’t burn even when exposed to sparks. The BK model uses 15 denier nylon on both sides.

This functional cushion comes with tough specifications that make it a perfect fit for us in the field. It seems to be a popular item that adds an extra bit of comfort to any autumn / winter campsite.

tempra https://www.tempra.jp/