Excellent new brass lanterns from the outdoor brand “Downtown Gear”, which was launched by craftsmen in downtown Tokyo!

2 months ago

Since the advent of LEDs, when you take a look at outdoor shops, you can see that lanterns which are the standard lighting equipment for camping, have also been converted to LEDs. There are now many LED lanterns that combine the latest technology with stylish designs.

However, there are many enthusiasts who prefer the old-fashioned “lanterns” that use kerosene or paraffin oil as fuel. The softness of the light that can only be produced by natural lighting, the classic expression and warmth of the fixtures, and other merits that can’t necessarily be expressed via the latest technology has lead to the popularity of classic lanterns and there are not many collectors!

Downtown Lantern ¥22000

With this in mind, DOWN TOWN GEAR was launched by craftsmen in downtown Tokyo as a brand that proposes “chic” outdoor gear. They will now release the Downtown Lantern that is packed full up the experience of master craftsman. It is designed and manufactured by Matsushita Seisakusho, a precision parts company with a history of 80 years. The soft light emitted by the paraffin oil and the solid brass material, which can be enjoyed with aging, create a unique and deep atmosphere, to lend a unique accent to outdoor camping.

The “Downtown Lantern” can be stored compactly, is sturdy and strong against wind, and is heavy enough to prevent it from tipping over. The material used is solid brass, so it looks like gold at first, but you can enjoy the unique “aging” that changes over time as you use it. Also, since it comes with a polishing kit, you can disassemble it and polish it again to make it shine like the original golden color.

The paraffin oil used can be refilled with a glass bottle. You can adjust the brightness by turning the screw at the tip of the wick using the heat adjustment pin. Paraffin oil has low flammability and low volatility (flash point of about 106 degrees), so it is relatively safe to use. It also doesn’t emit much smoke or smell, and the bottom doesn’t get too hot.

The rugged “Downtown Lantern” that can be used for a long time, whether it is for camping or as an interior decoration, is now on sale at “DOWN TOWN GEAR”’s official online store. They also sell specialty leather goods made by craftsmen from the downtown area, so if you are interested, be sure to check them out!

「DOWN TOWN GEAR」downtowngear.theshop.jp/