Logos’ LED lantern with a retro-modern design using bamboo!

4 years ago

This LED lantern from Logos who are known for their quality lanterns, features a unique modern Japanese design.

LOGOS「Bamboo Lantern」 ¥1371

Logos’ “Bamboo Modern Lantern” is equipped with a storage battery with a modern design that uses a bamboo material in a classical Japanese style. While following the design principles of a retro lantern it is finished in a modern image with a unique texture using the bamboo and a two tone color scheme.

The LED is a warm colored light (up to 200 lumens) and uses a glass lamp chimney so that it emits a soft light. The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted via a dimmer; you can adjust the brightness to your own preference by turning the rotary switch. IPX2’s water proof performance makes it safe to use in outdoor situations. 

It is equipped with a power bank function, so you can charge your smartphone via a USB cable. It is also ideal for use in the home during the event of a power outage.


・Total Weight:870g
・Size:Width 20×Depth 15×Height 33.5cm
・Brightness:[LEDBulb](Approx.)200Lumens[Logos standard](Approx.)167 Lumens
・Power Source:Lithium Ion Battery
・Battery Storage Capacity:5000mAh
・USB Output:DC5V1A
・Standard lighting hours:(Approx.)Strong/10hours、Weak/100hours
・Waterproof performance:IPX2
・Battery storage time:(Approx.)9hours
・Power storage method:USB power storage
・Charging capacity:[iPhone]Approx. 2.5unite ※Theoretical value
・Main materials:ABS、laminated bamboo、Steel、Glass

LOGOS https://www.logos.ne.jp/