The latest dog gear from Gris makes going for walks in the rain easier than ever! Also an engraving service for original charms has started!

8 months ago

Dog gear brand “Gris” produced by the outdoor brand “muraco” launched last year. Utilizing the knowledge they have cultivated in designing and making outdoor gear and apparel, they have developed items that are fashionable and functional such as sweatshirts and T-shirts for dogs, and we have received information about their new range of products that can withstand the rain.


First of all, a raincoat with a long neck zip so that a harness can be easily attached. The body is stretchy and based on a very light and water-repellent fabric, so it reduces stress and covers not only the dogs neck but also the ears.

In addition, it is easy to put on and take off because it has a waist strap that wraps around your dog’s stomach, and the drawcord on the collar and hem makes it easy to adjust the fit. This jacket can help you enjoy taking your dog for a walk even on rainy days.


Next, is a leash that can be hung diagonally on your shoulder to allow for hands-free walking of your dog. The rope is moderately stretchy and suitable for outdoor use, and it is equipped with functionality that you would expect from the brand, such as relieving the burden of sudden pulling from your dog.

In addition to the sash hanging, it can be used in 3 ways by adjusting the position of the knot of the rope and the position of the eggplant hook. A φ12 thicker specification suitable for medium and large sized dogs is also available.

Following the release of these new Gris-like items, a special engraving service for original charms has also started since February. You can engrave your dog’s name, contact information, and birthday with a laser on the back of the charm.

GRIS ALUMINUM CHARM GRAY ¥1100, Charm Engraving Service ¥990

This special engraving service is available online and at the directly managed store Muraco TACHIKAWA, so please check with them for more details.

And it seems that Muraco and Gris will continue to enthusiastically release new products, so dog lovers and campers should definitely keep their eyes out for future new developments!