The Mosquito Coil Holder that is unique to Tripath Products has been re-released, now with a black model also available!

4 weeks ago

TRIPATH PRODUCTS, which has a strong reputation for producing unique metal outdoor gear, has re-released their popular mosquito coil holder. Improvements have been made to the design, and a new matte black color is also available.

Silver and black as well as new materials.


The unique pig-shaped mosquito coil holder “KAYARI” has been renewed after changing and improving the material. For the previous iteration, a galvanized steel plate called ZAM was used, but this time aluminum silver and steel matte black are now available.

Since the previous model will also continue to be sold, there will be more options to choose from so you can find the texture and color that best suits your needs.


It is even OK to use it as a lantern shade.

The newly introduced silver and black models have been improved to make it easier to attach mosquito coils. Once attached they will not fall off easily so you can easily implement a stress-free mosquito countermeasure.

And here are the biggest changes. A small LED lantern can be hung inside, so it has evolved into an item that can also be used as a lantern shade. It is great that you can use it regularly other than just during the mosquito season.

When used as a shade, it emits a fantastic light, contrary to its unique form. Hanging it on a lantern stand and using it as a symbol of the tent site is a great way to get the most out of it!

The release date is scheduled for March 1, 2023 (Wednesday). The easiest way to purchase is at the brand’s official online store.