Nanga × NiceTime’s latest collaboration item is a double sized sleeping bag with transparent coloring!

7 months ago

“Nicetime”, which is gaining popularity for its stylish and convenient selection of gear has again collaborated with domestic down premium brand “NANGA” to create a new bespoke series. So far, we have released several sleeping bags, but this time a new product will appear.

RABAIMA BAG W 500 L.GRY Nicetime Exclusive ¥72,600

The new RABAIMA BAG W 500, is a double-sized sleeping bag that can be used with family and partners. It is large enough to sleep two adults, so it can be used by a family of three, even at family camps where you may be worried about bedding for children. It is helpful for small children to feel safe with a sleeping bag together with their parents when camping outside.

In addition, in order to efficiently utilize the heat retention performance of down, a breathable mesh is placed between the outer material and the lining, and a box quilt structure is adopted vertically and horizontally to prevent unevenness.

A tube containing heat insulating material is also added inside the zipper to prevent cold air from entering through gaps and thus further improve heat retention. In addition, the zipper used is a special one made by Nanga and YKK. By reducing the gap in-between the zipper, it reduces the occurrence of biting and reduces the damage to the fabric when biting occurs.

Continuing that attention to detail, the 500-fill power capacity allows for comfortableuse across three-season from early spring through fall, the latter half of the camping season.

And the key feature of this bespoke order is the gray coloring that is easy to match with camp a wide variety of camp sites The aim of the transparent-like coloring was to make the down inside visible rather than dyeing the fabric.

That’s it for our introduction of the latest Nanga bespoke series “RABAIMA BAG W 500 L.GRY Nicetime Exclusive” by Nicetime. This is the perfect item for those who want to start family camping in the spring and are looking for a large sleeping bag  that can also be used for sleeping in the car.

It is currently on sale and NiceTime’s bespoke series are often very popular, so if you’re interested, we recommend checking it out as soon as possible.

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