THOR’s limited color box has landed in Japan for the first time! Add a unique accent to your campsite now!

7 months ago

The container box “THOR”, which was created by the American based company Trust, is very popular among campers for both storing and transporting gear. Originally made for commercial use, it is sturdy, and also has features that make it excellent for using outdoors, such as a lid with a locking function and a design that allows water to pass through the handle.

For sale in Japan, there are calm colors such as black, coyote, and olive on general sale, but a collection of vivid, limited colors that have not been officially introduced yet in Japan will be released by “FREAK’S STORE”!

THOR Large Totes With Lid 53L ¥5830

A number of pop colors such as red, green, blue and yellow will be released that are reminiscent of a toy box and help brighten your day! They can also be used to add an accent of color to your campsite, and the contents can be separated by color, so they are also recommended for indoor storage of tools, clothes, toys, etc.

The size is 70.8 x 27.2 x 43.4 cm, and it can hold 40 500 ml PET bottles (capacity 53 L). Both the main body and the lid have a load resistance of 80 kg, so you can safely carry heavy items.

THOR Round Container 23L ¥3520

In addition, a round type using the same color variation and material (high-density polyethylene) is also available! The size is 38.5 x 38.7 x 33.5 cm, which is the perfect size for laundry boxes.

You can use the square and round shapes to help create a colorful campsite!

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