AO Coolers new camouflage pattern! A limited-edition model for Japan that uses the pattern of a world-famous hunting brand!

4 weeks ago

AO Coolers, which is becoming synonymous with their soft coolers, has released a new product that features an interesting camouflage pattern. This cooler blends naturally with the pattern from the global hunting brand “Mossy Oak”.

12 Pack Canvas Soft Cooler Bottomland ¥16500

USA based camouflage maker Mossy Oak is a renowned global brand for hunters. They thorough pursue the creation of patterns that perfectly blends into a wide range of environments. The Bottom Land pattern shown in the photo is a camouflage patter that dates back to the origin of the brand that spans a history of 35 years. The base cooler used for this unique collaboration is a canvas 11L model.

12 Pack Canvas Soft Cooler Habitat ¥16500

This is the Habitat pattern. It reproduces the nature of the waterfowl habitat and provides high levels of camouflage regardless of the viewing angle. This is a camoflage pattern that shows its true power close to the waterside.

23L models are also available for each of the above two camo patterns, making a total of four products (see the image at the end of the article). Both handles and shoulders are only available in Japan exclusively.

The full-fledged camouflage pattern is attractive not only for outdoor enthusiasts who want to blend in with nature, but also for people who want to casually include it into daily life. The cooler boom has already started in 2023, and these new camouflage AO Coolers are sure to make an impression on the outdoor scene!

They will be on sale from February 17th and you can purchase them at the brand’s official online store here.