The hotly discussed “Hibarin” from Sengoku Aladdin is finally on sale now!

3 years ago

In 2018, Sengoku Aladdin first swept the camping scene with the camp stove “Portable Gas Stove”.

At their 2019 summer exhibition, a new stove called the “Hibarin” was announced and has already become a hot topic in the camping scene. Since it was first introduced on Go Out Web we have received a lot of responses so it looks like it will be a big hit. The best news it that it will finally be on sale from this Fall!

Sengoku Aladdin Portable Gas Stove Hibarin  ¥17600

Hibarin is a new portable gas stove that features a unique design that fuses a hibachi brazier with a charcoal brazier integrated into a modern aesthetic. It is a compact size and great for either solo or group campers.

With the included grill set you can grill, bake and broil easily with the adjustable power dial. It is perfect for cooking fish and you can choose to chargrill by using the charcoal fire.

Because the heat is generated from the radiation plate, when it turns red the heat that is produced reduces uneven cooking allowing you to easily cook food thoroughly.

In addition, the top plate which is designed to surround the centre with an uneven surface disperses strong wind and makes the fire difficult to put out which is an appealing point for the outdoor scene.

The bright and vibrant pop colors and silhouette of the Hibarin are appealing and we predict it will be another hit item. It is scheduled to be released at department stores, major retailers and specialty stores from 21st October 2019.


Sengoku Aladdin Portable Gas Stove Hibarin
・Weight:Approx. 2.8kg ※Excluding grill set and gas canister
・Continuous burning time:Approx. 1hour 14minutes
・Heat Output:2.8kW(2400kcal/h)
・Safety Features:Pressure sensitive safety device
・Contents:Grill Set / Storage Bag ※Gas Cylinder sold separately(3Set ¥660)

Sengoku Aladdin