The second edition of the GO OUT version of Tripath Products’ masterpiece pig-shaped mosquito coil holder, in a limited color that blends in with the outdoors!

5 months ago

Insect outbreaks plague campers when the weather gets warmer. A mosquito-repellent device with a mosquito-repellent incense that will add some color to your tent site at the same time as keeping away these pesky creatures is key. The pig-shaped KAYARI released by “TRIPATH PRODUCTS” quickly became a hot topic among campers who were looking for a insect repellant for camping.

Last year, a different color of the KAYARI was released as a GO OUT collaboration and sold out very quickly.  This time, another color will be released as the 2nd round of this special collaboration. It is a special item painted in a military-style greige color.

The second collaboration of the previous best-selling model.

KAYARI for GO OUT 2023 ¥8580

This is the second version of the previously released model that sold out. This time, the point of the collaboration is that it is painted in a solid color scheme as mentioned above so that it blends in with the nature of the outdoors and is a great match for a tent site.


The logos of both companies are used to create a sense of collaboration.

The GO OUT logo is added to the front of the nose. You can feel the excellent sense of craftsmanship of Tripath Products in the finely finished details, including the rounded shape that combines steel parts.


If you hang a small LED lantern, it can change into a shade.

It can not only be used as a mosquito trap. If you hook a small LED lantern inside, it will become a shade that emits a faint light from the gaps between each section.

A hook for hanging on a lantern stand is placed on the top of the head. It is a great way to create a visual landmark at your tent site both day and night.


Easy-to-use and improved details are also a must-see.

It has been updated to make it easier to attach mosquito coils than its predecessor, and has also been improved to make them more stable so they don’t fall out meaning you can protect yourself from mosquitos’ stress free. It is also stamped with the Tripath logo.


An exquisite sense of size that fits comfortably on the tabletop.

It is the perfect size so that it does not get in the way even when placed on a table. It creates a sense of unity with other gear such as burners and Sierra cups.

The collaboration model, which is a rugged metal product that has a sense of calmness just by looking at it, is now on sale at GO OUT Online. Use it as a mosquito repellent incense holder or as a shade for LED lanterns all year round!