A lightweight and eco-friendly umbrella from The North Face’s that can be fully disassembled and parts replaced.

2 months ago

The first folding umbrella is here from “THE NORTH FACE”. The biggest feature is that it can be fully disassembled, and the parts that are often damaged (frame, middle sticks, fabric) are sold separately, so you can replace them yourself. Therefore, even if it is damaged, it can be used for a long time without being discarded, as it can be repaired and customized to your liking.

THE NORTH FACE Module Umbrella ¥9350

The eco-friendly 40D geo-ripstop recycled nylon fabric has excellent durability and UV protection. Aluminum and FRP materials are used for the frame and shaft parts, and the frame, fabric, shaft, and all parts can be fully disassembled.

A heptagonal canopy with a wide protective area is used, and the opening and closing structure of the handle helps to prevent the loss of the umbrella bag, as it is possible to hook it on a bag or pole.

Spare Fabric for Module Umbrella ¥3850 each

Upholstery fabric is also sold separately. In addition to Saffron Yellow, Black, Tingray, and New Taupe Green, 4 colors are available.

Spare Ribs for Module Umbrella ¥ 1100 each

The most fragile part of the umbrella is usually the inner frame so it is also possible to purchase them in single units. A spare shaft option is also available.

By using aluminum x FRP material (fiber reinforced plastic) for the framework, they have achieved a very lightweight while ensuring strength.

The handle part has an opening and closing structure, and an umbrella bag can be stored inside. Also, by making use of its structure, it can be hooked in places where there are no hooks readily available.

These new and innovative items that will become part of the new standard for the sustainability era, providing a long-term solution to using one umbrella, are scheduled to be released in mid-May. In preparation for the rainy season, we recommend checking it out now.