The North Face’s popular tent the “Lander” and 3 types of chairs are now available in the limited edition color “Kelp Tan”.

4 months ago

The popular tent series “Lander” and  3 new types of chair from “THE NORTH FACE” are now available in the limited color “KT Kelp Tan” specifically for directly managed stores and online. Speaking of THE NORTH FACE’s kelp tan, in the past it was also used for outerwear such as the Baltorolite jacket, and it became a popular color. It’s a rare earth color to be used for The North Face’s tent, so it’s recommended to check it out early.

Lander 6 ¥82500

The North Face Lander series is a tent with a double wall outframe structure. Based on the previous classic tent “Kaiju”, it has been updated in many ways such as adopting a hanging inner tent to match the modern camping scene.

The conventional model uses a sour color called New Taupe Green, but the new color Kelp Tan is a bright color that seems to go well with wood-based camp gear. In addition to the large tent “Lander 6” that can sleep 6 people, they also have a lineup of “Lander 4” for 4 people and “Lander 2” for 2 people.

Lander 4 ¥71500

Lander 2 ¥55000

In addition, chairs that are great to match with the tent are also available in limited edition colors.

TNF Camp Chair ¥24200

TNF Camp Stool ¥15400

A stylish low chair, the “TNF Camp Chair” and a stool the “TNF Camp Stool” that use a lightweight aluminum frame with anodized aluminum for excellent corrosion and wear resistance. In addition, 3 types of “TNF Camp Chair Slim”, which helps to assist smooth standing and sitting by reviewing the seat angle, are also available in the limited Kelp Tan color.

TNF Camp Chair Slim ¥18700

Both the tents and chairs are sold exclusively at The North Faces’ directly managed stores and online EC store. It is clear that the existing color tent is very popular, and the new color will also be a hit. Those who are interested should check it out early.