A container made of mesh material that can be stacked!? ︎ Check out the new storage gear from Tokyo Craft!

1 month ago

TOKYO CRAFTS, which has firmly established its position as a recognizable outdoor brand, has released a piece of storage gear with excellent functionality. It is an ambitious product that aims to combine the best qualities of both soft and hard containers.

Can be stacked even though it is mesh.

Bucket Shelf Mesh ¥4380

A storage case made of mesh material that makes use of Tokyo Craft’s unique ideas. The storage space is 41 cm long and 12 cm high, but the mesh is elastic, so it can expand to store more than its size may indicate. The opening features a drawstring style with plenty of room, so it’s OK even if the stored items protrude a little from the top. When not in use, it can be folded flat.

Although it is a soft type that makes it flexible for storage, it can be stacked up to 2 levels thanks to the metal frame. This gimmick makes it easy to mount multiple items in the car, and it can also be used as a rack at a tent site.

While taking advantage of the ease of storage of soft containers combined with the robustness of hard containers, it can also be used as a rack.


Other new items are also set for release.

Tokyo Craft is also launching a cascade of other new products. Eye-catching items such as inners for the big hit tent the “Diafort TC Solo Tent” and 24 gold-plated Sierra cups are being released sequentially.

Diafort TC Inner Tent ¥12800

24K Gold Plated Sierra Cup (Chic) ¥5980

The items introduced this time are now on sale at the brands official website. Some products may not ship immediately, but you can pre-order them and see when they will be shipped. If you are interested, please check the details at the official brand website.