Muraco has developed its first in-house tent frame! The durability of the popular mountain tent has also been improved.

1 month ago

The outdoor brand “Muraco”, which was born out of a metal processing factory in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, has finally developed its own tent frame. This spring, they also renewed the popular mountain tent “RAPIDE X1” by adopting their own frame.

In addition, new cookware in collaboration with Thermo Mug has arrived. So let’s take a look at Muraco’s new spring items.

The mountain tent “RAPIDE X1-2P” is renewed by adopting the in-house developed frame.

RAPIDE X1-2P ¥64900

Muraco’s 2-person free-standing dome tent the “Rapid X1” has been renewed this season. It has evolved to be even easier to use by adopting the newly in-house developed “ZETA Frame” by Muraco.

Muraco is an outdoor brand born from a metal processing factory, and has therefore developed their products by making full use of the knowledge of metal processing that has been honed over about half a century. From material procurement to surface treatment and assembly work, it is a domestic tent frame that was handled by Muraco’s own factory and domestic partner companies.

A7075 T73 of super duralumin material with excellent toughness is adopted for the pipe of the zeta frame. Many frame breakages are often caused by cracks in the joints, so in order to reduce the risk of that happening, they have been very particular about using aluminum alloys that are machined with high precision on a lathe for the joint parts.

Available in three colors: gray, black, and orange.



Floor size: 220×125cm

Height: 120cm

Storage size: W49 x D16 x H19 cm

Weight: Fabric inner 1.80kg / Half mesh inner 1.75kg

Capacity: 2 people


New cook wear in collaboration with Thermo Mugs is also available.



In collaboration with Thermo Mug, a kitchen wear brand with stylish design and functionality, they have released a stainless steel deep lunch plate called the “Deep Plate” and a double walled “Tea Tumbler”.

As the name suggests, the deep plate features a deep shape, so it is useful when adding soup such as with curry or soups. The laser-engraved m logo adds to the Muraco-like design.

The “Tea tumbler” features a vacuum double structure based on the design motif of “Yunomi”, which is a traditional Japanese cup. Although it is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 2 mm, it is lightweight and tastes good to drink from.



In addition, a wooden cutting board fittingly called the Ccutting Board” that can be used with Muraco’s rice cooker and a special stainless steel net the “Cooking Mesh” are added as new options. Both can be stored by stacking inside the rice cooker.

By using the cooking mesh, you will be able to make steamed dishes and smoked foods, so the number of ways you can use the rice cooker has increased.