A special-order umbrella from And Wander that makes you look forward to the rain that doubles as a parasol with its UV cutting capabilities.

1 month ago

The rainy season in 2023 will start earlier than usual, with rain forecasts showing it to continue. So everyone is going to be in need of an umbrella. “And Wander”, which is known for creating items full of sophisticated functional beauty, now also has a lineup of highly functional umbrellas.

An easy-to-use reimagining of famous umbrellas

and wander EuroSCHIRM umbrella UV ¥11000

The Swing Light Flex Umbrella, which was specially ordered from Germany’s long-established umbrella specialty brand, “EuroSCHIRM”, is characterized by its light weight. It weighs only 0.57 pounds (about 260g) so it is minimum hassle to carry around. This special-order model is about 4 cm longer than the regular version, improving its usability. You are less likely to get wet even if you have are carrying large luggage.

It also has excellent durability, which tends to be a trade-off for lightness. The arms, which are radially attached from the center of the frame, bend in a spiral shape to efficiently release pressure from strong winds.

In addition, the specially coated high-density fiberglass arm has insulating properties, reducing the risk of being hit by lightning strikes! The fabric is made of lightweight polyester with high tear resistance, and is treated with Dupont’s Teflon to improve water resistance. In addition, it has a UV cutting function to protect your skin from UV rays, so you can use it as a parasol! This is a multi-functional umbrella that can be used all year round.


Dyneema’s umbrella case also debuts!

Dyneema long umbrella case ¥6600

There is also a case that goes great with this umbrella available. Using Dyneema composite fabric from DSM in the Netherlands, which is also used in many And Wander products, this also features a design that combines lightness, waterproofness, and strength! The Dyneema case, which is used for high-performance sails on racing boats as well as high performance outdoor wear, is extremely durable.

The gloomy rainy season is about to begin, but with the umbrella and case specially ordered from AND WANDER, you can actually look forward to the rain!