A unique collaboration between Freaks Store and a manufacturing company in Tokyo to release a new concept bonfire with an integrated oven!

4 weeks ago

 A collaboration between Daytona International, which operates the apparel select shop “FREAK’S STORE”, and Ohashi Seisakusho, which specializes in sheet metal processing, laser processing, and various automated devices. Two companies from completely different fields have joined hands to create a new concept of camping gear.

A two-tiered bonfire stand with an oven at the bottom.

Fire Pit Freak ¥59999

A bonfire stand that is characterized by a shape resembles a wine barrel thanks to being made with hardware processing technology. The vertically long shape creates an updraft, making it easy to catch fire, and generates secondary combustion with reduced smoke and ash.

The bottom of the bonfire is an oven. When a bonfire is lit above, the temperature inside the oven rises to 280°C due to heat conduction, so it can even be used as a pizza oven.

All parts of the fire stand can be stored in the oven, making it easy to carry and store. In addition, the stainless steel material is resistant to rust and is easy to clean.


A lantern shade created by precise calculation.

Mathematic Art Lampshade ¥11440

In addition to the bonfire stand, a lampshade that makes use of Ohashi Seisakusho’s technology is also available. It is a delicate design backed by high technology that has been meticulously designed from the standpoint of mathematics, to create a doughnut-shaped shape called a torus.

Stainless steel plates are combined one by one to make it three-dimensional, and the surface of the board is designed to allow light to pass through various large and small holes with geometric designs. The upper surface is designed to give a soft look by making use of the luster of stainless steel and applying a gradation process to the lower surface.


A camping celebrity will appear at the collaboration gear unveiling event!

This collaboration item will be unveiled on June 1st, the day of its release. Junichi Davidson, an entertainer who is known as the best outdoor enthusiast in the entertainment world, also appeared and checked out the newly released bonfire stand and lantern shade. He was visibly very excited about this new concept gear.

This collaboration gear is currently on sale. We recommend checking out this unprecedented new bonfire stand and lantern shade that was completed by combining the sensibility of Freaks Store with the high technology of Ohashi Seisakusho.