A poncho that can be used as a tarp, perfect for camping during the rainy season.

3 weeks ago

“Muraco”, which has gained popularity for its stylish visual apparel line as well as outdoor gear, has collaborated with “MINOTAUR INST.” To create a unique 2-way poncho that can become a hexatarp when the hood is stored.


The “TARP PONCHO”, a collaboration product by Muraco and Minotaur Instrument, is a poncho that uses an ultra-lightweight 3-layer moisture-permeable and waterproof fabric. It is a 2WAY specification that can be used not only as a poncho but also as a tarp.

The size when using the tarp is W240×D180cm. It can be used as a small hexatarp that is ideal for solo camping.

It can be packed compactly and weighs only 400g. The black color makes it easy to use in the city or outdoors, and if you keep it in your backpack, it can be used in a variety of situations, from outdoor activities to town use.

Not only can it be used in the city during the rainy season, but it also has a moisture permeability of 20,000g, so you won’t get stuffy, so it’s also sure to be useful during the summer festival season.