A Japan only, limited edition item from Stanley that reproduces vintage colors.

2 weeks ago

STANLEY was founded in Massachusetts, USA in 1913 as a pioneer brand of thermos bottles. Here we will introduce the Japan only collection scheduled to be released in late June, which is loved by outdoor enthusiasts for its high quality, excellent durability, and classic design reminiscent of the good old days of America.

(Left) The wide mouth makes it easy to wash the bottom and it can be stacked for easy storage. Stacking vacuum pint 0.47L ¥3850 (middle left) Comes with a finger loop for convenient carrying. Go Vacuum Bottle 0.37L ¥5170 (center right) You can carry beer and other carbonated drinks with you, and it is also recommended as an ice stocker when outdoors. Classic Vacuum Growler 1.9L ¥11,550 (Right) The size is perfect for a convenience store S size coffee. Vacuum mug 0.23L ¥3960

One of the most popular Stanley models is the hammer tone that features a textured surface. This product uses vintage green, which is lighter in color than the green used in the current standard product.

This is a limited-edition color that reproduces the vintage products of the same brand that were released in the past. By comparing the two you can see that the color is lighter compared to the hammer tone green of the current product. It is said that it will be released only in Japan, so it is sure to garner a lot of attention fast!

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