Daiwa’s fashion line “D-Vec” has created a lightweight umbrella that uses fishing rod technology!

6 days ago

Fishing company Daiwa’s fashion brand “D-VEC” will release a full carbon long umbrella for both rain and sun protection from June 19th, that sets a new standard for long umbrellas ready in time for the full-scale rainy season.

D-VEC Full Carbon Long Umbrella ¥55000

D-Vec has previously produced Folding Umbrellas, which have been highly praised for their “lightness and excellent portability.” Meanwhile, they have released a revolutionary long umbrella that weighs only 180g and also meets the quality standards of the Japan Western Umbrella Promotion Council’s “JUPA Standards” for Western umbrellas.

The key feature of this full carbon long umbrella for both rain and shine is that it adopts a hollow structure that is considered common sense for fishing rods, even for the ribs, in order to achieve excellent weight reduction. The outer ribs, middle ribs, and even the handle are bent into a U-shape, and every detail is made of full carbon (excluding small parts) using Daiwa’s carbon processing technology. An ultra-lightweight full carbon long umbrella that is suitable for both rain and shine is here!

Let’s check out the carbon technology used by Daiwa’s fishing rods now applied to a long umbrella for everyday use!