The “slightly evil” looking graphics catch the eye! A stylish folding bench specially ordered by Vallicans from a master illustrator!

4 days ago

VALLICANS, led by stylist Fumihiko Okabe, whose gardening and Japanese-inspired items are gaining popularity, has released a specially designed folding bench commissioned by genius illustrator Yoshihiro Tsuyama, aka “2yang.”

VALLICANS/2yang Design Exdisis Bench “Fight Fire WITH Fire” ¥29700

The aluminum frame is finished in olive, and the khaki fabric creates an exquisite contrast! The hard graphics by 2yang are called “Fight Fire WITH Fire”, and they harmonize well with the image of Vallicans while exuding a DEATH METAL-like badass! image.

It is based on the Grand Execution Bench from “Peregrine Furniture”, and the unfolded size is 119 cm wide x 55 cm deep x 74 cm high (seat height about 37 cm), so it is comfortable for two adults to sit together. Some campers prefer benches to chairs when camping, so if you have one, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from outdoor leisure activities to home use.

The armrests are slightly colored ash wood that creates a vintage feel.

The size when stored is 119 cm wide x 10 cm deep x 70 cm high, making it easy to carry.

Vallicans has gained popularity in the past by releasing benches with tiger camo and original logos so don’t miss out on this collaboration model with 2yang!